Persian Rugs 101: Tips For Buying Persian Rugs


Reputation: Find a reputable dealer. Mohamad Golparvar, who runs Seneh Carpets in north London (, a treasure trove of tribal and city designs, says that a good dealer will always let you try before you buy.

Respect: Some rugs are the work of a single weaver. Mr. Sakhai from Mayfair’s Essie Carpets says, “Never buy a carpet for the sake of covering the floor. See it as a work of art.”

Geography: Do your research. Iran has many cities and villages famed for weaving, each with its own history. Learning about the differences will help you.

Condition: Fine Persian rugs can take years to weave by hand, and mistakes creep in—but don’t take them as an indication of quality. Look for more serious defects like moth and sun damage.

Value: Remember, a fine Persian rugs will last many years and retain a strong resale value. They are all unique, and that is an important factor: Where there is rarity there is value.

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